the short crime drama “Shelby and the Bread Factory” by Juan Carlos Mendoza, follows Shelby, a lifelong criminal who seals his fate after an armed robbery gone wrong. caught between his vision of the American dream and the love that’s trying to save him from it. Shelby and the Bread Factory delivers a highly-charged story of greed, love, revenge and promise. Pharoah Monche has also officially been confirmed as a cast member. story by Manny Nunez. written by Roman Limonta & Kevin Patrick Nelson. watch the movies kickstarter video below and back this project if you wanna see this come to light.



Hola readers,

My boyfriend gave me a sewing machine for Christmas and I am dying to learn how to use it. I am taking a class this weekend and I cannot wait. There are so many things I want to make and I hope I can pick it up quickly. I am not a designer in the least but would love to make things to fit me and my tastes. I will be sure to update you on my first sewing experience . Wish me luck 🙂

Long tight-knit maxi dress tutorial


2 yards of stretchy knit fabric
1. Cut a big rectangle as wide as your hip’s length and as long as your natural waist to the floor plus 2 inches. I always leave a little extra in case of mistakes.
2. Fold in once, iron, then hem the bottom and inch. 
3. Fold in twice, iron, hem a 1/2 to 3/4 inch up to the length you want your slit. Mine was 18 inch (just to me knee).
4. Sew the seam up ending the stitch at the beginning of the slit’s hem. 
5. Secure the slit from getting any bigger by sewing a topstitch at the top.

maxi dress-001

Starred Photos336 copy

6. Cut out the top by using a tight-knit shirt as your guide, the top needs to be shorter, ending an inch below your natural waist.
7. Sew up the sides and the shoulders.
8. Hem the sleeve 3/4 inch and the neckline 1/2 inch.
9. Join the top with the bottom by slipping the skirt into the neckline of the top, and pinning the waist opening right sides together.
10. Sew together.
Starred Photos337

Polka Dot Pin tuck Skirt Tutorial



around 2 yards of fabric (if you want it less big than mine, then so less fabric) *make sure it is a more flowy or light weight/thin fabric because if it is heavy or stiff it will be very hard to gather or it will be way too fluffy looking.
*optional – lining fabric or buy extra to add underneath. I just wore a slip
sewing machine
thread that matches
elastic (or zipper if you want to add a waist band with the fabric instead)
1. Measure how far you down from your waist (where you want the skirt to sit) to where you want the first pin tuck to start and make sure you add an inch for the elastic (All together mine was 8 inches form the waist to the first pintuck).
2. Mark this with a fabric pen, or if you are like me and you don’t have one, then mark it with pins.
3. Then start marking your pintuck. Choose how big you want your pintuck ( I choose an inch), the double it (for me 2 inches), then mark that with pins or a fabric marker. So….in my case 8 inches down plus 2 more inches. 
4a. Iron or just sew depending on what you are more in the mood for. If you iron, match up the pins or the fabric pen markings (This is why I feel pins are WAY more helpful) then Iron down a crease. Keep the pins in to make it your guide to sewing the pintuck, unless you marked it then that will be your guide. OR 4b.


Starred Photos151

4b. Because I have a lack of a big ironing board I decided just to sew and bypass the whole iron thing till the end. So, This is where I matched up the pins between my fingers then added another pin to keep it perfect. If you also marked, then you can take out the 2 pins and just keep the one pin.
Starred Photos152
5. Time for pintuck #2…and the rest! So, space the pintucks out however much you want. I decided to make the pintucks and inch long and the space between an inch long as well. So, I measured an inch from the first pintuck and marked it, then measured 2 more inches below that (because my pinctucks are an inch long, then you have to double it). Then sew by using either 4a or 4b. Then continue with as many pintucks as you want. I did 7 all together.
Starred Photos153
6. Now time to hem! Under your last pintuck, cut down the fabric short enough so it can’t be seen. Mine was about a quarter-inch. Here you can serge or finish it off by zig zag stitching the edges like a serge. Make sure the thread matches. I didn’t have matching thread so I ripped the fabric short so it would curl inwards. But that won’t prevent the fraying.
7a. How to add the elastic is super easy. The first way you can do it, shown below, involves stretching the elastic as you sew. The more you stretch the more gathered it will be. I put it on a very long straight stitch because it will give more room to stretch and the stitch will be tiny when unstretched. If you want the fabric to be stretched equally around the elastic band, then mark the elastic band in quarters as well as the skirt’s un-gathered waist.
7b. This isn’t shown, but it is the method I used. If you are using lots of fabric or you want it very gathered and need it to fit in an elastic band, but the stretching isn’t getting all the fabric gathered then you will have to gather the fabric before hand with a basting stitch or ruffling or gathering foot. When the waistband of the skirt is all gathered to exactly your waist size, add the elastic without any stretching at all, but make sure to zig zag stitch this time. when you have finished, pull the waistband to hear lots of stitches popping, which is the basting stitch. Then at this point the zig zag stitch will be holding it up.
Recently Updated65
8. Sew the two ends together putting right sides together. pin the pintucks and elastic band together before hand to make sure they line up perfectly. 
9. Iron the gathered part of the waist band to de-fruff it and iron down the pintucks!! DONE!
If you feel the skirt is very big, then wash is to soften it.

knit midi circle skirt with elastic waist tutorial

I am loving this skirt for the summer. I can already see it in florals and pastels. 🙂

st1 IMG_9771-1


flowy fabric – knit or polyester
sewing machine or needle and thread
flexible measuring tape
marking pen or chalk

1. I buy usually around 3 to 3 and a half yards of 44″ wide fabric, but around 2 yards for the really wide fabric. For this skirt I only had to use a few yards because it was very wide. If you get the less wide fabric, then you will have to fold the fabric over so short ends meet, and you will have to sew up the sides because they won’t be folds in that case. But for this particular fabric knit that I used, I was able to get the fold out of them to make even easy and quicker to make!
2. After you have folded and laid it out, take a long ruler/tape measure and mark the center (where the dot is)
3. Then after calculating the radius 
(your waist size divided by pie or 3.14 divided by 2), 
start from the center (dot) mark and cut the radius completely around to make a half circle
***If you want the wait to be gathered looking vs. smooth, then you want to add a few inches to the half circle. That is what I did with this one.
4. Then figure out what length you want the skirt and add it to the radius (for example if your radius is 6″ then add 6 ” to the length of your desired skirt length like 25″ = so you get 31″)
5. Take this length and from the center mark and cut out the half circle
6. cut some elastic 
7.  Divide and mark the elastic and the newly cut out waist of the skirt into quarters and pin the matching quarters of the elastic and waist together. satin stitch (close zig zag stitch) the elastic together.
8. Zig zag stitch them together, stretching the elastic as you sew — if you want the elastic to show sew the elastic on top of the fabric OR if you don’t want it to then after you sew the elastic on fold it over until the elastic is hidden. Then sew another zig zag stitch over it.
9. Hem (unless it is out of knit, then you don’t have to if you don’t want to.


 Photos and Tutorials Courtesy of Cotton & Curls. Check them out for some other great ideas.
Love Mel, xoxoxoxo

Hello readers,

It’s been a while since my last post and I have been working on some fun things. When I was contacted by Warby Parker’s Fashion Coordinator for a collaborative blog post, I was immediately excited – they have great trendy eyeglass frames at affordable prices.

A brief summary on Warby Parker:

Warby Parker launched in 2010 with a simple idea, prescription eyeglasses should not cost $300+. By circumventing traditional channels and engaging with customers directly through our website, we are able to provide higher-quality, better-looking prescription and non-prescription eyewear at a fraction of the price. In addition, for every pair of glasses we sell, we distribute a pair to someone in need.

These were my favorite pairs  🙂

OWEN Edited Holt edited by me Mallory edited 2 Nedwin Edited 0208EDITED

Photo Credits: Carlos Castillo Photography

I had a great time collaborating with them and shooting with my friend Carlos Castillo. I really don’t know how models pose for pictures so easily. (Note to self – its not as easy as it looks – sheesh !!!)

Hope you enjoyed the post and be sure to check Warby Parker out. You will not be disappointed.

Love, Mel XOXOXO

Current Favorite New York Blogger ( NY Trendy Mom)

Buenos Dias,

I am a brand new blogger and in being new there is still a lot I do not know. I love to read all types of blogs but especially enjoy those written by those with similar interest and life style and culture as mine.  One of my new favorite bloggers is Johnny Bell from NY Trendy moms. She is a 21-year-old Latina mom of 2  living in new york. She is also a new blogger as well but not as brand new as me. Her style is chic,simple,affordable three things I love. She has served inspiration for me on my blog and style and maybe she can do that for you. Check her out 🙂 www.nytrendymoms.com.


IMG_0774 IMG_0787 IMG_0939_1 IMG_1712

Click on the pictures for photo credits.

Have a great weekend and New Years.

Lately I have been a DIY mood. Not really sure why because I am not really handy or creative but seeing all the cool stuff you can do on a cold winter day indoors inspires me. For Christmas my Lovely BF gave me a sewing machine YAYYYYY !!!!!!!! super excited to learn to use it and see what I can make. Hope I don’t lost a finger in the process because lord knows I am clumsy. Below are some things I would love to try one day and maybe you can get inspired as well.

Baby Drums

DIY DRUMS 6a00d8358081ff69e2017d3ec24270970c-800wi

Boot Stuffers

bootstuffers12 bootstuffers1

Crystal Clutch… I love this


A Crystal Pendant

pendantnecklace12 pendantnecklace02 pendantnecklace8


For Instructions and Materials Needed Click on the pictures for that and photo credits. I will try to tackle one of these soon and take a picture of my creation. Hope it comes out as good as these.



Hey readers,

Sorry i have been lost for a while i have been super busy with work,school and life in general. Things have simmered down a bit and I am BACK..

My inspiration for the post was the color green Pantone announced that the color of 2013 is emerald-green one of my favorite colors of all time.

Pantone Emerald Green

Pantone Emerald Green

Industrial Chair

Industrial Chair

Ralph Lauren Show room High Point NC

Ralph Lauren Show room High Point NC


Wall Color

Wall Color

Wall art

Wall art

Floor Design

Floor Design 

Blue & Green Combo

Blue & Green Combo

Glamour Magazine 2012

Glamour Magazine 2012

Cake pops

Cake pops

Happy Wednesday Lovers !!!!

For photo credit click on image.

Weekend in upstate NY

Sometimes you just want to get away for the weekend and going to a tropical island isn’t happening. When we want to get away from the city and take a nice quiet weekend away we go upstate. Our favorite destination we have been to has been Narrowsburg,NY. It is only 2 1/2 hours away and the ride up is beautiful. The leaves changing the crisp and fresh cold air is magical. when you think of upstate new york you  might think of a retired older population but to my surprise it wasnt. The town has a an art crowd and is full of young transplants from the city. It had a little Dumbo Brooklyn vibe. Chic stores, cute cafe’s/restaurants art galleries and antique stores.

We love to go to antique stores and just hang around and see what you can find.

Strolling thru the town we walked into a little gallery store and browsed thru. I hear this voice that sounded familiar then see a guy talking to another couple. I recognized the voice and face but couldn’t place him. At the end of our visit he gives me his card and BAM I recognized the name. We Both worked for Versace years ago in different locations. He had moved up there with his partner and left the city to open a great store upstate. The store had some great items modern and antiques as well.

The store is called the River Gallery http://www.rivergalleryny.com/ 8 Main St
Narrowsburg, NY

We stayed in this cute lodge/cabin it is a lot bigger on the inside and it was decorated with local antiques. So sad it is not available for rentals anymore.

Jeffersonville,NY !!!

Samba Cafe & INN




Creek House

As we walked around Jeffersonville we came across this little cafe/Inn. The cafe created Latin inspired food and also has a guest cottage in the back for rentals. They also sold home decor items as well as books. I loved the vintage refrigerators and bright colors.

A couple who lives part-time in the village in NYC and Jeffersonville own and run the place.They were very nice and sweet and loved their home away from home. They gave us a tour of the guest cottage which I loved. I can imagine ourselves there in the winter cuddle on the couch with some hot chocolate.

Some other cute stores in Jeffersonville

Global Home: http://globalhomeny.com/index.php/contact-us/

Hope you enjoyed it and got a glimpse into our weekend away.

Love Mel, Xoxo

Click on photo for credits.

A few things that rocked this week & weekend

On Wednesday it was  my 33rd birthday and I wanted to keep it low-key so my boyfriend and 2 of our friends went to an Argentinian steak house in Jackson Heights, Queens Needless to say I was in a food coma at the end of the evening.

La Portena Argentina
7425 37th Ave
Jackson Heights, NY 11372

Fast forward to Friday and the festivities continued. I did what I love the most to eat and hang with those that I love and love me back.

Friday was spent after work on a triple date at a bar downtown. The fat Buddha Korean bar and kitchen. They have great happy hour option for drinks and food. I really enjoyed there dumplings and Lychee martinis. I need to learn how to make these dumplings at home.

Lychee Martini

Sunday was another day filled with yummy food and laughs. I was not watching my figure at all this weekend. The foodie in me didn’t let me hold back.

Sunday brunch in the meat-packing district. Food was very tasty and the prices reasonable I think for the area. And the icing on the cake is the unlimited Champagne cocktails.


Check out there menu : HERE

Unlimited Champagne Cocktails
with Choice of Any Brunch Entrée
Groups of 1 – 7 : $30
Groups of 8 – 11 : $35
Groups of 12 – 20 : $45

As if I hadn’t enough that week I ended the weekend with dinner with my Brother and sister-in-law. We decided to keep it local and try a new Greek restaurant that just opened a few months ago. I had the seafood pasta which was delicious. My brother and sister in laws food was average nothing great. I would go back and try something else and see if it is just as good as my first dish.

Agora Tavern
70-09 Austin Street
Forest Hills, NY 11375
(718) 793-7300
seafood penne, shrimp, scallops, mussels, clams, white wine sauce & garlic

There are no pictures of any cakes or cupcakes because I am not a fan of sweets. I don’t even eat chocolate I know I am a weird specimen. My friends did order flan and chocolate cake to sing me happy birthday which they proceeded to eat and enjoy right after.

It was a great birthday week overall and just another time in my life to be thankful and blessed to have such amazing people in my life that take the time to make me feel special with all there well wishes and blessing


NYC Votes !!!! Si Se Puede

I am not  really into politics but do believe that as a nation and as a part of the Latino community we have a duty to VOTE.

These Guys are hysterical and have used comedy as a tool to try to empower the Latino community to vote.

Watch their video and pass it on to your Latino Friends and Tia’s, Tio’s etc.

On YouTube Link: HERE

On Tuesday, November 6, Americans will have a chance to decide the course of the country for the next four years. New Yorkers will have the opportunity to head to the polls, cast their ballots and make their voices heard—but only if they have registered to vote. In New York, the deadline to register to vote in the general election is next Friday, October 12.

October 12 is also the last day to change your political party affiliation for next year’s primary elections for City office. In New York, you must be registered in a political party to vote in that party’s primary.

To register to vote or to update your voter registration, please fill out and complete a voter registration form. Voter registration forms are available for download on our website, or in person at your local library or post office. Forms must be postmarked by Friday, October 12. If you have an ID or driver’s license from the Department of Motor Vehicles, you can register to vote or update your registration on the DMV website.

Won’t be able to vote at your local poll site on Tuesday, November 6? You can still vote via absentee ballot. Voters must apply for an absentee ballot first (deadline to apply is Tuesday, October 30), and then the Board of Elections will mail you a ballot. The ballot must be postmarked by Monday, November 5. You can also vote by absentee ballot in person at your local BOE office Monday-Friday from 9AM-5PM. To find out who’s on your ballot now, check Who’s On Your Ballot website.

Call (866) VOTE-NYC for questions about your registration, poll site locations or other questions about voting.

We know you’re a registered voter, but make sure all your friends are, too! Help us spread this important message about participating in the election:


Follow them on Twitter: Here

Follow them on Facebook: Here

Check out my Friend’s Blog on Politics if you want to read about someone Else’s ideas or maybe similar perspectives.


America For America

Rosario Dawson Chair woman For Voto Latino’s & Maria Teresa Kumar

Contribute to the cause

                                         Click on the photos for credits.

Guest Post By: Anya Sarre from Shoe Dazzle

I am so excited to inform you  that I was contacted by Anya Sarre about doing a guest post on my blog. Of course I said yes. She has been featured on Entertainment Tonight, The Insider, OK Magazine and various others. She is also a contributor to Shoe dazzle. Today she will be giving you lovely ladies how to use a maxi skirt in the fall.

Embrace Fall Fashion with a Maxi Skirt

Nothing is as pretty as a healthy dose of confidence! If you’re wearing an outfit you love that feels comfortable and makes you hold your head high and strut, you won’t be able to help but turn heads. It’s hard to believe, but even celebrities can sometimes use some help building confidence. Experience has taught them that wearing outfits that flatter them and make them feel good will provide that needed dose of confidence! Take a tip from celebrities by filling your closet with items that look good and feel good so that no matter how long it takes you to get ready, your outfit will always look effortless.

A fantastic fall look is the maxi skirt that was so popular over the summer. The great thing about this piece is that it flatters every body type and can be worn anywhere because it is easily dressed up or down. Even though anyone can wear a maxi skirt, you can express your own personal style by picking a color, pattern, or texture that you love. Petite girls shouldn’t pass this trend by. To make it work for you, pair it with the right shoes. A pair of booties with heels or wedge boots adds height and looks great.

Before buying a maxi skirt, take a look in your closet. If your closet is full of black and neutral colors, brighten up your wardrobe by finding a skirt in one of the pale colors that are hot this fall. A thin sweater in cream will complete the look. If your wardrobe is more colorful, pick a multicolored maxi skirt that you can wear with one of the thin sweaters in solid colors that you already have in your closet.

Nothing pulls a look together like accessories—and I firmly believe you can never over accessorize. Choose a big necklace that you love or a pair of over-sized earrings to wear with your outfit. Bangle bracelets in the same metal look great, too. If you don’t like wearing jewelry, accessorize with a fun scarf. Pair a multicolored scarf with a solid colored maxi skirt, or match a multicolored maxi skirt with a scarf in a solid color and wait for the compliments to roll in.

The weather is getting cool and it’s time to have fun with fall style. Pick up a maxi skirt, a great pair of shoes, and plenty of accessories that will let you attend fun fall events full of confidence. If you’re excited about your fall look because it makes you look good and feel good, everyone will notice.

By: Anya Sarre

More Ideas

Click on the picture for photo credits 🙂

You can check out Anya Sarre here:

Shoe Dazzle

Ask Anya On Facebook

Winter School Nights

Winter School Nights

H m
$32 – hm.com

Parka jacket

Slim jeans

Pastry shoes
$105 – welikefashion.com

$26 – diva.net.au

New Era fitted hat
$41 – jdsports.co.uk

Chanel fragrance

Englands Makeup

I am an avid followers of make up tutorials on you tube and I just realized 3 of my top favorites tubers are British. Maybe it’s the accent not sure but I love all things British and think these ladies are great. I have learned a lot from them. London  is on my list of places to travel hopefully sooner then later.

Here are my top 3 guru’s

Beauty Crush

Sam with almost 500,000 followers is doing something right. She seems like a sweet girl with her own sense of style and addiction to makeup. I like her videos because i feel like she gives great reviews and saves me the time and money and the leg work on doing the research my self.

You tube link :Here

 Link to her blog :here


Pixwoo blog link: Here

You tube link: Here

Facebook page link: Here

Two amazing sisters that do so many versatile looks that you are sure to find a few faves.  They use all different types of products from high-end channel to low-end drug store brands. And the most amazing thing these two ladies have created is there brush set. It is amazing and affordable. I love them over mac brushes sometimes as mac brushes tend to shed. I feel like everyone should get a set of these brushed and maybe two just in case. I lost the powder brush and almost hyper-ventilated. You can purchase them here at  Ulta.

Real technique brushes

And last but not least


Tanya Burr she is the sister-in-law to the Pixiwoo sisters. Another great make up artist for everyday and evening looks. I do like her simple instructions and the fact the she doesn’t have perfect skin as none of us do. she helps with those issues and gives pointers. She also does fashion hauls and personal videos.

Facebook page link:  Here

Tanya burr Blog: Here

You tube link: Here

Tanya’s hauls and vlogs link: Here

Wish list

Click on the pictures for photo credits 🙂

Let me know who are your favorite make up guru’s

Urban Outfitters Opens A Bar In Williamsburg, BK


Urban Outfitters that’s opening soon smack-dab in the pulpy heart of Williamsburg is apparently also going to have a restaurant and bar.An agenda of more than 50 bars and restaurants up for liquor licenses at Monday night’s CB1 Brooklyn meeting.The Williamsburg locale has applied for a full liquor license, meaning UO will (hopefully) be serving up all the vodka tonics. I love the idea of having a nice cocktail and roaming the clothes racks and listening  to hipster beats.

Photo courtesy of http://www.freewilliamsburg.com

Great Bags !!!!


Medieval medical instruments and Spanish architecture may seem unlikely bedfellows, but these were precisely the inspirations behind M2Malletier’s debut collection of geometric calfskin handbags. Having launched in September, the Barcelona-based brand was founded by Colombian designers Melissa Losada, 28, and Marcela Velez, 26, who first met while studying at Parsons in New York. “We wanted to do something different and create bags that were also mini sculptures,” says Losada of the duo’s decision to collaborate on a line. Citing their studio—a former cement factory from the nineteenth century—as a major influence, Losada notes that the focus of their deep eggplant, black, wine, and nude bags is strong, sculptural handles (because we know you’ve been wondering, this is where the medical instruments come into play). Called “the needle,” the grips are just that—sleek metal rods that crown the sturdy doctor’s bags and hexagonal purses. “We were tired of always seeing typical…

View original post 117 more words

Curly Girl Problems

Happy Monday Readers,

Curly hair products I am loving at the moment.I blow dry my hair a lot but do not have the time at all lately. I am on a journey onto a healthier more luscious curly locks.



-smells amazing
-Big amount for how much you need each use
-leaves hair soft, not crunchy
-Smoothes frizz and defines curls
Coconut Oil has been a blessing for my Dry hair. I leave it as a deep conditioner of some sort I but it all over my scalp and hair but it in a bun overnight and then wash it out well the next day.
Coconut Oil
Deep treatment mask
Shea Moisture's Deep Treatment Masqueconditioner
I have used these as leave in conditioners and they work great 🙂